FetchRev will soon be known as Hownd!  Same dog but with a few new tricks that consumers, merchants and partners are gonna love. Why the change?

Consumers want entertainment, health, wellness, dining, drinking, and other types of fun tailor-made just for them with enticing “Buy Now” and coupon promotions. They want personalized experiences based on their interests and location that are conveniently available via a mobile app.

Merchants who provide these experiences want more new customers who come back again and again. They want to be empowered to grow their business effortlessly, predictably and quantifiably. And they want to accomplish this affordably, profitably, and with an increase in average spending from each customer visit.

Resellers, Integration, Technology, and Marketing Service Providers want to give more power-packed value to their merchant clients so they can build stronger relationships. And they want to partner with a trusted, proven provider who makes it easy.

No one has connected these dots. Until now! Hownd™ is waaay more than just a name change. It’s a bold way of announcing a super-compelling, robust and revolutionary platform where merchants, partners and consumers all benefit!

Unleash the Power of Hownd for MERCHANTS

  • Effortless New & Repeat Foot Traffic
  • Zero Risk, Pay Per Visit Model™
  • Profitable & Quantifiable Results
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Unleash the Power of Hownd for PARTNERS 

  • Unique Value for Your Merchants
  • Easy Add-On Marketing Programs
  • Proven Results from a Trusted Provider
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Meet The Dog
Over the next few months we’ll keep you informed about all the amazing new changes as we make the fun transition from FetchRev to Hownd. This cute and savvy little dog is here to guide you. You’re gonna see it a lot because it loves everyone and just wants to hang around. Feel free to just call it “The Dog” or any name you want. Really. It answers to anything.